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Work placements

Employers are increasingly seeking graduates with workplace-ready skills. Explore the benefits of taking on a USC student in a work placement.

Whether it’s called an internship, practicum, placement, clinical placement, project, wider field experience, professional experience, professional practice or work experience, most USC degrees have opportunities for work placements.

Successful work placements are based on a three-way partnership between the employer, USC, and the student. The three parties work together to agree on the project to be completed and map these against workplace and learning goals.

Recruitment pathway

Identify future talent for your business by having an opportunity to observe the skills and fit of students before they graduate.

Develop your teams' skill set

Existing staff in your business often benefit by identifying projects or tasks that cannot only develop the USC students’ skills but provide your staff with an opportunity to develop their mentoring and supervisory skills.

Bring fresh ideas and approaches to your business

Hosting a USC student brings fresh ideas and approaches to your workplace, where they share the latest research and thinking in their field of study.

Contribute to industry and the community you serve

Share your professional expertise and crystalised knowledge with USC students. This is a great opportunity to contribute to your industry and the communities we share.

Strengthen your partnerships with USC

Offering a work placement to a USC often provides an opportunity for the industry partner to provide feedback and contribute to how the curriculum is designed, research development or explore other mutually beneficial relationships.

ACADEMIC Requirements 

As part of the work-integrated learning model each internship placement needs to meet our students' academic requirements. The disciplines placements should fit into are:


Before considering offering a student work placement it is worth considering the below questions.


USC maintains insurance which provides cover for students on unpaid formal work placement for legal liability and personal accidents. However, please note that students are NOT covered to drive company vehicles.

The Industry Placement Partner should consider this to confirm what type of insurance they hold and if this provides appropriate cover for a student on placement.

Students on a paid formal placement, the Placement Partner accepts complete responsibility for ensuring the Student will be appropriately covered by the insurance policies of the Placement Partner.